Top 5 Reasons to Book with a Travel Agent

Date Posted: 31/03/2022

At Hays Travel, we pride ourselves on being the Number 1 Independent Travel Agent in the UK. And we want to share with you our top 5 reasons reasons why you should book your next unforgettable holiday with one of our amazing travel agents.

1. Experience

Knowing the market is a huge part of being a travel agent. With so many destinations, holiday types, board basis and holiday extras, it is easy to become lost in a sea of seemingly amazing deals online. But with a travel agent, they will be able to listen to your needs and match you with the best possible holiday for you- one that you may never have even thought of yourself. With insider destination information from years of experience, travel agents can advise everything from the best hotels and tours, down to the best dates for that perfect holiday weather. They really know it all!

2. Exclusivity

Want to visit a new “must-visit” destination? Then use a travel agent! With experience comes exclusivity. Often travel agents have special tours and experiences, not available anywhere online. So if you fancy something a bit different, see what a travel agent has up their sleeve.  

3. Convenience

Holidays are about you. They are something to look forward to and provide an escape from usual life- and travel agents know this. Your time is valuable and spending it scouring the internet for that perfect break isn’t ideal. That’s what we are here for! We can sort out all of those finer details to ensure your holiday is just as you imagined. Leaving you free to deal with the pre-holiday shopping.

4. Better value for money

Often travel agents can save you a lot of money due to their experience and relationships with suppliers. But you’d be amazed at the hidden costs that many people don’t think about when booking trips. From overseas transfers to luggage, travel agents can help find the best deals on these items; all included in the final price- unlike many deals on the internet. And better yet, travel agents have access to a lot of value add-ons. Ever wondered how the couple next to you got extra luggage and upgrades? They most likely used a travel agent. So if you want the most bang for your buck, see your local travel agent!

5. Because they are amazing!

Travel agents are amazing, personable people all with one common passion- travel! From tour guides and hotel managers to students and hairdressers; travel agents come from so many different backgrounds, no two are the same. But they are all focused on one thing; making sure everyone gets the holiday they deserve. So take advantage of their greatness!

Don't just take our word for it... Book your next holiday with a travel agent!