Happy Star Wars Day: Time for Some Out of this World Hotels!

Date Posted: 04/05/2022

Happy Star Wars Day! We may be waiting some time before “jetting off on holiday” includes a casual trip to space. But don’t worry, you can find some truly amazing, out of this world hotels right here on earth. And if an intergalactic escape still sounds like the perfect holiday for you then there are plenty of space-themed hotels to satisfy your inner space-lover in the meantime.

So if you’ve ever gazed up at the clear midnight sky and dreamed of travelling to outer space or wanted a getaway that made you feel like you were far, far away from home, take a look at these amazing, out of this world, hotels!

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden 

Encased by picturesque pine forests, The Treehotel in Harads Sweden offers accommodation that is truly unique. Why not fulfil your childhood dreams and stay in your very own UFO? Hovering amidst the Swedish treeline, the futuristic UFO room was designed to be unique and unexpected. With a hatch entrance and starry night ceiling, be transported into a world of inter-galactic comfort.

Revontuli Resort Glass Igloos, Finland

If your love for space lies in the wonder of the galaxy then this is the perfect hotel for you. The ultimate star gazers paradise, Revontuli Resort immerses its guests in the idyllic natural snowy wilderness of Finland. Stay in your own private glass igloo and enjoy the endless views of the midnight sky and catch a glimpse of the otherworldly northern lights. Who knows, you may even spot something unknown flying through the starry sky.


Fantasyland Hotel, Canada

Quite possibly the most dedicated hotel option on this list, the Space Suites at Fantasyland Hotels are 100% committed to the theme. With galaxy décor, capsule bunk beds, rotating images of space projected onto the walls and even a starry night themed ceiling, it doesn’t get much more outer space themed than here. And if you’re travelling with some non-space lovers? Don’t worry this hotel has over 120 themed rooms; from Igloos to the Wild West – there is something for everyone.


Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

Now this hotel, doesn’t follow the space theme of our list so far but we had to include this wondrous destination as it offers an experience that is truly out of this world. Be transported to this breath-taking boutique hotel, set in 12 acres of private land in the heart of African wildlife and be encompassed by the sights and sounds of this amazing continent. But what makes this hotel special? Its friendly locals. At breakfast, lunch and dinner the Manor’s Giraffes pay a visit to hungry guests and say hello. Although this is not a hotel draped in space themed décor, let’s be honest, having a Giraffe as a breakfast visitor is quite an alien experience for most of us.


Gold Coast Hotel, Hong Kong, China  

And last but not least, take a look at this amazing room hidden in the vibrant, bustling city of Hong Kong. Whether you are holidaying with a youngster or are young at heart yourself, this room is perfect for space loving families. If your little one is dreaming of becoming an astronaut then they will love the room’s miniature rocket bed and planets hanging from the ceiling; whilst you can kick back and relax on a giant crater bed looking up at the galaxy above. What's not to love? 


Which hotel do you think is out of this world?