Creating a brighter future for the next generation

We believe it is vital that our children are provided with enough opportunities to enable them to succeed and develop their potential.

Unfortunately, due to factors such as social and economic disadvantage, some young people in today's society suffer from lack of equality.

Throughout the years, prevention of poverty has become part of our mission.

Through the local community partnerships of our branches and the Hays Travel Foundation we offer financial support to empower those in, or at risk of, poverty, in order to create a brighter tomorrow for the next generation.

"Thanks to the grant the Hays Travel Foundation provided us with, we were able to offer our volunteers from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities that some have never experienced and probably never will. The biggest one of them all was taking some of them to watch the Para-athletic World Championships at the Olympic stadium in London. They all had the time of their lives and were extremely grateful for this."

- Emma Brown, Hat-Trick Community