Staff Travel Guide: Discovering Prague on a Budget!

Date Posted: 30/04/2022

Prague is a haven of historic architecture with winding cobbled streets, perfect pastel buildings, mouth-watering food and of course cheap beer. Often a city associated with Stag and Hen parties, this gem may be overlooked by many British travellers. However, Prague is a perfect city break for everyone and offers so much to see and do for free!

Lauren, from our Social Media Content and Engagement Team, recently returned from this picturesque city. Here are her top budget friendly places to visit on a weekend escape in Prague! 

Charles Bridge

Sightseeing is a great way to explore a destination and keep your budget in tacked. Like many of Prague’s travellers, the iconic Charles Bridge was top of my must see list. Not only is it a beauty to behold, but it is also an epicentre for art and culture. With intricate sculptures, bustling buskers and charismatic artists scattered along the bridge, the lively yet serene atmosphere of the riverside truly encapsulated the essence of Prague. I especially recommend paying the bridge a visit at night when the crowds are gone and it is lit up in all its glory! 

Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is a landmark that hundreds of visitors flock to every day. Before seeing the clock I was unaware that at on the hour it's face and characters would move in an artistic display of ‘The Walk of the Apostles’.  It wasn’t until a flock of people appeared whilst I was eating lunch in a nearby restaurant that I realised! If you happen to be in the Main Old Town Square around these times, it is definitely worth waiting to see the medieval clock come alive.

River Cruise

A River Cruise was a perfect way to truly relax and take in the beauty of Prague. Meandering through the winding waterways, the cruise provided a historic tour of the various landmarks that adorned the banks of the River. With a complementary drink of beer or hot wine and a gingerbread included in the price; it was a good way to break up the day, rest our feet and do something a little different. Plus the ticket included free entry into the nearby Charles Bridge Museum which was a bonus for only £10!

Prague Castle

Prague Castle was a wondrous site that I recommend everyone takes the opportunity to visit. Situated on the opposite side of the river, Prague Castle stands high above the skyline and can be seen from the cobbles of Charles Bridge. Around a 20 minute walk from the river, the stroll through the streets and castle gardens was beautiful. But for anyone who isn’t a fan of walking, there is a tram that runs up to the Castle's entrance. On the steps up to the castle there is a small pub that has a fantastic panoramic view over the city and gardens- I would highly recommend stopping by. We were lucky enough to have warm, clear skies on our trip and were able to see for miles, all whilst enjoying a refreshing beer for only £1.60!   

John Lennon Wall

A Beatles fan? Prague harbours its own little connection to the iconic band. Journeying through the twisting backstreets of Prague to a secluded square across from the French Embassy, it is not hard to miss the eclectic wall once you’re heading in the right direction. As someone who studied in Liverpool and was holidaying to Prague with a history student, this was a must see for us. Originally a wall used as a visual representation of the fight against the communist regime, an unknown artist used the face of The Beetles front man to symbolise his vision of freedom and thus the wall is famously known for this original mural of John Lennon. Now covered in layers of ever evolving artistic designs, the wall is still a popular spot for visitors.

Whether you enjoy art or history or neither, I recommend paying this cultural wall a visit- at the very least it is a unique backdrop for photographs.

Food and Drink Paradise:

If you enjoy a good pint of beer then look no further than Prague. With average pint costing £1.20, it is more budget friendly to cool off with a beer than a glass of water here! But what about the other delicacies hiding in the city? Gingerbread is a huge hit in Prague and so the delicious smell wafts around the market streets. With loads of designs and different packaging these treats were the perfect gift to bring back home. Also sprinkled throughout the city are dozens of small venders selling delicious chimney cakes. These sugary delights are akin to donuts but in a cone shape and can be filled with ice cream, cream, fruit and chocolate. I’d recommend leaving room to enjoy one of these sweet treats as they were delicious and only £2.50!

The venues in Prague are endless. If you’re looking for a good Irish bar with a fantastic atmosphere and live music head to The Dubliner. If you’re seeking some great cocktails and a place to let your hair down on the dance floor then Double Trouble Music Bar is the place for you; or if you’re in the mood to party the night away till the early morning Epic nightclub is a great venue to party to your heart’s content. Prague truly has something for everyone! 


Let us know if you have any top tips for visiting Prague on a budget!