Spookiest Destinations in the World!

Date Posted: 13/05/2022

It’s Friday the 13th and for those of us who verge on the more superstitious side, this date is perceived as a spooky day filled with unlucky events. But what about those of us who relish in mysterious histories and enjoy the things that go bump in the night? We have decided that this Friday 13th, we are celebrating all things spooky with a roundup of the world’s spookiest destinations!

Which ones would you dare to visit?

Paris Catacombs, France

Paris is a destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year because of its beauty, artistic culture and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. But Paris harbours a creepier history right beneath travellers’ feet- the infamous Paris catacombs. Built in the late 18th century, the catacombs are a labyrinth of deep maze like tunnels that intertwine below the city surface. And they are lined with the skulls and remains of over 6 million people. Visitors are allowed to visit this subterranean attraction to see the bones that scatter the pathways and learn the true history of the city’s dark past. Why not take a journey into the murky labyrinth yourself? After all, it makes a change from the usual attractions on offer in the ‘City of Love’. 

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

If you have heard of the town of Salem, it is likely that you know why this destination has made our list. Located on the north Coast of Massachusetts, Salem is synonymous with its 1692 witch trials in which the town descended into mass homicidal hysteria. During theses 12 months over 200 people were accused of practising the art of witchcraft which ultimately led to the execution of 20 individuals. But the dark past of this once paranoid town has now been fully embraced by locals and so the presence of witches is very much still alive. From the Salem Witch Museum and House of the Seven Gables to Witchcraft Heights School and the only original building from the 15th Century Trials, The Witch House; with so much to explore Salem is bound to cast a spell on its inquisitive visitors.


Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania. The epitome of gothic settings. So much so that the mere mention of this Romanian city springs images of gloomy ancient castles and bloodsucking creatures of the night. Hidden in the Romanian hills, sitting just above the tree tops, stands Bran Castle. Said to be the inspiration behind Count Dracula’s infamous lair, the medieval castle is a must visit for fans of this cult classic. Would you be brave enough to enter the home of the infamous vampire himself? Just look out for the bats!

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

If you have a fear of dolls then skip to the next destination now! Because Isla de las Muñecas, or Island of the Dolls, may be your worst nightmare. Nestled among the picturesque canals of Xochimico, lays a ghostly land straight from the pages of a horror story. Scattered upon the trees, hangs an ensemble of old dolls. Legend states that the island stands as a memorial for a young girl who drowned in the murky waters surrounding the island. As years passed more dolls were added to the collection, creating an eerie graveyard of broken forgotten toys, whose child-like whispers can be heard echoing down the waterways.

World’s Tallest Glass Bottomed Bridge, China

Now this destination doesn’t have an eerie history or epic legendary tale. But the town of Zhangijajie, China has made our list due to the truly hair raising attraction it has on offer- the world’s tallest glass bottomed bridge. Stretching 430 meters across a ravine, the bridge is suspended 300 meters above the ground; allowing brave visitors the chance to look down and feel as though they are perilously floating above the valley far below. But don’t worry, in 2016 a BBC journalist took to the death defying bridge with a sledgehammer to test the strength of the glass… so we guess that means it’s completely safe- right? Would you chance the knee-jerking walk into the misty unknown?

Which destination did you find the spookiest?