Happy Mother's Day: Top Tips and Types of Mums

Date Posted: 25/03/2022

Often mums are our biggest cheerleaders. They guide us, encourage us, love us and yes, sometimes may annoy us to. But we wouldn’t change them for the world. Mother’s Day is a time where we take a moment to truly appreciate and celebrate our mums and show them how much they mean to us.

So, to celebrate mothers of all kinds, we are going to show some of the best destinations for different types of mums. And we are also sharing some top travel tips from our very own mothers along the way!

For the Adventurous Mum:

Whether it’s your mum or someone else’s, we all know a mum that craves the outdoors and will be up to her knees in nature, or organising a hair-raising activity at any opportunity. So where would you take an adventurous mum on the ultimate adventure? Why not South Africa!

South Africa is a destination often overlooked. But with exotic animals, vast beautiful scenery and once in a life time activities, this country is packed with adventure. A country renowned for extreme sporting, thrills await all everywhere. Head to the coast and enjoy the ever-blue waters whilst surfing or windsurfing; feel the wind in your hair paragliding across the skies or take the plunge on the one of world’s highest bungee jumps.

A trip to Africa would be incomplete without exploring the unique and wonderful wildlife on offer. From penguins and monkeys on the edges of the big cities, to lions and elephants out in the rugged bush lands – Africa has it all. Book your adventurous mum a safari to experience these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Or if your mum is particularly adventurous, why not put her nerves to the test and get up close and personal with some great white sharks? With so much to explore, your adventurous mum will be in paradise!

Top Tip: “Wear comfortable shoes."

Comfort is key. After years of experience and many overseas trips, mums know the true importance of comfortable shoes. From hiking rough terrains to taking a simple stroll along cobblestone streets the right shoe matters- unless you’re a fan of blisters…

For the Food-Loving Mum:

Does your mum have food on the brain? Does she love cooking a family meal, or gleefully searches for the best places to have lunch? Then it may be that your mum is a bit of a foodie. And where better than to take a mum who loves food, than Italy?

A foodie’s paradise, Italy is the perfect place for a food-loving mom to visit! With creamy cheeses, rich meaty tomato sauces, homemade pasta and perfect pizzas; Italy is home to some of the best comfort food in the world. And if your food-loving mum is a bit of a wine-lover too; Italy also houses some of the best wineries in the world. Why not book a wine tasting excursion and truly savour the flavours of Italy.

Just imagine it, sitting back Aperitivo in one hand, olives in the other, looking out over the picturesque Italian countryside and vineyards- bellissimo!

Top Tip: “Always keep some spare money hidden separate from your purse, just in case”

You never know when you could need some emergency cash. Whether it’s for a ride home or even a quick snack; it’s always good to keep some money hidden.  

For the Artsy Creative Mum:

This mum doesn’t dabble in store bought costumes or cupcakes; oh no! Instead she happily rolls up her sleeves and gets crafty. And where better to take a mum who has a passion for the artistic things in life than beautiful Paris?

With over 130 museums situated in the city of Paris alone, there is art awaiting around every corner. Visit the world's largest art museum, The Louvre, and stroll through its regal corridors. See the world famous Mona Lisa; the Liberty Leading the People; Death of the Virgin or The Winged Victory of Samothrace- all under one iconic roof!

A haven for art, you don’t need to enter a museum to see artistic masterpieces. Walk the winding streets of Paris and discover the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palace of Versailles. With more art than you could dream of, this destination is perfect for our art-loving mums!

Top Tip: "Do you really need to pack all of that stuff?"

It sounds more like a complaint than a top tip but trust us; mothers know best. It seems that somewhere in the hassle of packing we begin to imagine outrageous scenarios in which taking various pointless items seems like a splendid idea or a necessity. It’s not. Ditch the extra items and don’t double up things with your travel partner.

For the Mindful Mom: 

The mindful mum; you may call her over protective or a worrier. But we know deep down that mindful mums always have some of the best advice. With her children always on the brain, no matter their age, we think that a perfect destination for these mums to get some much needed relaxation is Thailand.

From the picturesque islands of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Ko Samui to the tranquil temples of Bangkok and Phuket- Thailand epitomises the essence of relaxation. Coined the ‘land of smiles’, a warm and friendly welcome is just the start of your carefree adventure.

Let your taste buds transport you into a world of delightful sizzle and spice; unwind on perfect white sand beaches with views of endless crystal clear waters or be immersed into Thailand’s tranquil Buddhist culture. This destination is an ideal destination for our mindful mums to catch a much needed break.

Top Tip: "Stay together and keep in touch."

The ultimate piece of motherly advice. In the age of social media, keeping in touch with loved ones has never been easier. So there are no excuses! A quick text, phone call or even a video chat to show them the amazing places you have ventured to will make your mum’s day.


Let us know what type of mum you have or even what type of mum you are! And don’t forget to share your top travel tips with us...