Happy Earth Day: Go Green this Holiday Season!

Date Posted: 22/04/2022

Happy World Earth Day! Celebrated annually on the 22nd April by more than 1 billion people, Earth Day aims to inspire individuals and nations all around the globe to take action against environmental challenges that impact our beautiful planet.

This year’s theme is ‘invest in our planet.’ And there are lots of small ways we can all help to play our part. From partaking in beach cleans, to planting trees, to donations - even just voicing your support for this good cause on social media helps!

But there is one easy change we can all try to make… Have you ever considered making your holidays more eco-friendly? From Paris to Rome. Cancun to Los Angeles. Singapore to Egypt. There are an abundance of amazing hotels, spectacular cruise ships and well known airlines, all around the world that have done their part and gone green! Take a look at some standout resorts that are paving the way by going green, all whilst keeping those holiday luxuries we all love!


Khao Sok Eco Jungle Camp, Thailand 

With incredible beaches, diverse culture, exotic wildlife and food that will ignite your taste buds, Thailand has been a long-time favourite for many UK tourists. So why not make your next trip to the ‘land of smiles’ more environmentally friendly? Hidden in the Khao Sok rainforest lays a natural paradise waiting to be discovered. From lazy river views to expansive jungle terrain, Khao Sok Eco Jungle Camp fully immerses guests in the natural beauty of these magical lands.

Become one with the serene sounds of the Thai jungle as you ascend to your accommodation nestled among the tree tops. Built entirely from bamboo and renewable materials this jungle camp offers luxury treehouses that have sustainability at its core. They also offer bungalows for those of you who prefer to stay a bit closer to the ground. But what makes this resort particularly special is its dining experience. Intended to connect guests back with the Earth, all meals at this hotel have a story. With recipes handed down through generations, each cuisine is sourced from the resorts on site organic farm- allowing you to gain a true taste of authentic Thailand.

GF Victoria, Tenerife 

You don’t need to journey miles to find a green hotel; going green can be a little closer to home. This spectacular hotel situated in the popular summer resort of Costa Adeje in Tenerife is the perfect place to jet off to for some exclusive sunshine and fun. Only 150 meters from Playa del Duque, you can spend your holiday exploring everything this beautiful coast has to offer.

GF have implemented a ‘Be Green’ policy across their company, meaning this stunning hotel is doing its part for the environment too! Relax in the Mediterranean sun in your own hammock before enjoying a sunset swim, cocktail in hand, at the award-winning Zambra Skybar. Or if you are looking for more adventure with the little ones: why not brave the daring climbing wall, practise surfing in the hotels Surf Pool or take a dip in the water park. The choices are endless.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York

It’s not just beach front hotels or faraway resorts that can be eco-friendly. In fact some lay right in the heart of the busiest cities on earth. Located in the bustling, ever moving city of New York, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a haven of innovation. Designed with the planet in mind, the hotel is sustainably made from local and recycled materials and sits at the bank of the river, offering unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline.

This waterfront retreat truly has helping at its heart. With efficient energy systems, holistic spa treatments, non-toxic hemp-blend mattresses and various water conservation practices this hotel truly embraces the idea of going green and brings some nature back to the big city. And a bonus? They even let your furry friends stay the night.

A-Rosa River Cruises:

When it coming to going green, A-Rose is one of the most aspiring river cruise lines to tackle the idea of sustainable sailing. There most impressive eco member of the fleet, A-Rosa Sena, is due to launch this summer and will be a perfect choice for those of you looking for a peaceful city escape. With a streamlined hull, hybrid propulsion and battery-powered engine, this luxury ship is designed to reduce its impact on the planet and display a new generation of ships.

North Island, Seychelles:

Now this hotel is definitely a budget buster for most, but it is one we just couldn’t leave off this list. A private paradise nestled in the granitic islands of Seychelles, North Island is the place of dreams. Inspired by the natural beauty of the picturesque ocean waves lapping at white sands and tropical wildlife, the resort harbours just 11 private guest villas that ooze unparalleled luxury. But it’s not just the undeniable beauty that earns it a spot on our list.

This island is home to the Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation programme and thus conservation practices and philosophies are the focal point of this resort. If you’re looking for a truly eco-friendly paradise to jet off to then look no further. With villas sustainably crafted from local materials, and a passion to return the islands former biodiversity; this resort breathes sustainability. Whether you spend time with the Environmental Team, relax by the unending ocean, or explore the hidden gems of this natural oasis, one thing is for sure; you are guaranteed to see the beautiful efforts that have gone into rehabilitating North Island to its full glory.


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